Chances of Getting Herpes

What are your odds of getting Herpes? Your odds of contracting Herpes depend on a number of factors.
Condoms are effective at reducing the transmission of Herpes (HSV2).
The risk of your partner being infected affects your risk of contracting Herpes. Your partner needs to have Herpes to pass it on.
The type of activity influences your chances of contracting herpes (HSV1 or HSV2). Oral, vaginal and anal sex can all transmit Herpes.
Whether or not your partner is having an outbreak influences the risk of getting Herpes. Outbreaks increase the risk significantly.
If your partner takes anti-viral medication it can reduce the chances of transmitting Herpes.
Whether or not your partner has an active outbreak influences whether it can be transmitted.
How frequently you have sexually activity can influence your risk of becoming infected with genital herpes.
You can assess risk for contracting Herpes and other sexual infections by doing a detailed risk assessment using STD Risk Calculator.
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